Solar Services
Residential Building

Solar Rooftops for Institutions, Residential Buildings and Trusts

Revanta Solar is a leader in solar rooftop installations in India. Our team has full capability to provide on-grid solutions that will help save big in the long run. Solar is becoming an extremely attractive option for rooftops in India. Our team can help you with the best solar system which is reliable, efficient and hassle free.

Some of the benefits include:

  • 30 percent government subsidy on solar rooftop systems (or as applicable in the state)

  • Significant reduction in electricity bills

  • Pay back (ROI) of the entire system in 3-4 years and then free electricity for the rest of the life of the plant (about 25 years)

  • Save yourself from the volatile and increasing electricity prices (Average tariff escalation of 8% from electricity companies)

  • Reduce massive amounts of carbon emissions

50 units of conventional electricity generate 21 tons of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is equivalent to burning 3 teak trees

Solar Financing Options

Revanta Solar System Purchase

Best for those who want:

  • 30 percent government subsidy on the entire solar system
  • Quick return on investment (ROI) of 3-4 years and enjoy free hassle free solar electricity for 25 years
  • 5-year complete system warranty
  • Earn money by selling extra electricity to the grid
  • Significantly lower electricity bills (at least 50% annual savings)

Revanta Solar lease

Best option for those who want:

  • Pay Zero Upfront Cost
  • Fixed electricity unit rate for 25 years
  • Significantly lower electricity rates (at least 40% annual savings)
  • Earn money by selling extra electricity to the grid
  • Free comprehensive and hassle-free maintenance of the system for 25 years