Our Vision
Our Vision

Our Vision

Government of India has an ambitious target of achieving 100 GW of solar installation by 2022. We haven’t even achieved half of this target. Delhi in itself has a potential for 6000 MW of solar installation. We want to bridge that gap as soon as possible.

Our team is driven by the immense believe that solar energy can solve the massive energy crisis that India and other developing countries are facing. Over the years, conventional sources of electricity generation have caused massive amount damage to the environment causing huge amounts of carbon emission in the air which has lead to pollution and rising global temperatures.

Skyrocketing electricity prices in cities in India have caused us into think about a business model that will create value for our customers. Our vision is to reduce electricity bills by up to 90% by educating people and incorporating solar systems on residential buildings, offices, industries, schools, hotels and hospitals. 

Our team shares the vision of cost effective rural and urban electrification by working on Solar Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) basis with the central and  state governments and non-goverment entities.

We all owe a better future to our children.

Best Regards,

Sidhartha Aggarwal